WordPress 2010 Weaver Theme

Sub-themes for 2010 Weaver theme

In the admin panel, you can start with these sub-themes.

My favorite theme is based on Twenty Ten and is called 2010 Weaver 1.3.2 by Bruce Wampler. One feature that is a must is compatibility with WordPress 3.0 menus. Another is an easy to use Admin Panel to adjust colors and css. Here’s the theme’s description.

“Totally customize your site look with this Twenty Ten based theme. Pick one of the many included predefined themes to use immediately, or use as a starting point for tweaking. Easily change colors, fonts, the header and footer, menus, sidebars, theme width, and more using a “check-box” interface. Add your own CSS rules, or totally customize the header with logos or WP slide show plugins. Save and Restore your theme to a file to share or transfer. It is all up to you. Supports all Twenty Ten user interface language translations. Works with WP Multisite. Who knew Twenty Ten could look so different?”

Main Options screen of 2010 Weaver theme for WordPress

The main options screens allows you to specify colors (from a picker) and positioning of main elements.

Within the admin, click on a tab to show an elaborate menu of check boxes for color and style changes, and “snipets” that you can copy and paste into code for neat little effects. And it supports two custom menus.

One design feature that is a tell-tale sign that’s a WordPress or other blog website, is the large banner at the top. Weaver gives you the option to go “banner-less” and have just a logo and nav bar at the top like a traditional website.

WordPress has come a long way in the past year. It’s gone from a blog application to a full-featured content management framework. And the Weaver theme has helped this along.

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  1. Weaver 2010 has been upgraded to Weaver 2.0. When searching for themes, select the theme shown simply as “Weaver.” The upgrade comes with many new features. There’s a Weaver text widget that supports short codes. The Admin Panel now has many CSS+ drop downs to add your own CSS. These CSS rules create a custom .css file on the fly. There are also features controlling excerpts and featured images.

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