The Best CMS Website Builder Apps

CMS Website Builder App

The internet is exploding with website building services. Who knew there were so many alternatives to WordPress and Drupal? Here’s my list of notable ones.

Hosted DIY – no html or css required but it can help

Hosted Designer-Friendly CMS Services – DIY’ers would struggle

Hosted/Hybrid For Web Designers Only – html and css knowledge required

  • Add a hosted CMS admin to a self-hosted static website. Add classes to tags to make editable areas, images, headings. Then give Cushy ftp access to your server. Limits you to number of websites.
  • Same concept as CushyCMS above, but with the added feature of editing your server pages live to insert pagelime classes. Also handy way to manage images and photo galleries with resizing.
  • Same concept as CushyCMS above but limits your to 5 editable pages per website without paying a monthly fee. Unlimited number of websites.
  • A commercial product built on an Open Source foundation. Start with your own html and css code. You give EE ftp access to your server.
  • Store and edit content types online on Osmek servers. Osmek then uses an API to write the content to pages on your self-hosted web pages. Content includes blogs, galleries, events, shows, banners, podcasts, listings, contacts, emailer. A general understanding of php is helpful to implement.
  • Perch. Cool add-on to existing self-hosted sites. Add editable regions. Insert add-ons such as blogs, galleries, calendars. License is a one-time charge.
  • Make a static site. Then the app automatically makes editable regions.
  • Event calendars, email marketing, blogs, memberships (hosted or self-hosted)

Hosted Enterprise (large business) – For Front End Developers or Host-Preferred Designers

Self-Hosted Open Source

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2 Responses to The Best CMS Website Builder Apps

  1. Jasa SEO says:

    G’Day! Gloria,
    Thanks for the above, Hi,

    I have made a decision to go with Drupal as a CMS and website builder. I want to know which is the most effective firm (I am not searching for general referral links, or how inexpensive it is, or how very good the in general buyer services is) in terms of help for Drupal (installation, upgrades, customer assistance for drupal thoughts, drupal topic management and many others.,).

    I am assessing site5, dreamhost and siteground. Which is the most effective among the these. Any other that you recommend.

    Many thanks,

    I’ll be back to read more next time

  2. Hi Ajay, Drupal can be pretty unstable unless you’re comfortable with server maintenance. If you’re a newbie you might want to start with a hosted environment such as drupalgardens or aquios. You can always export later to go self hosted.

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