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Gloria Wadzinski is a multimedia designer specializing in graphic design, website design and video production. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. View Gloria's contact information and portfolio at

Testing Gallery and Media Functions

this is a paragraph this is another paragraph with a tiled photo gallery below

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How to get an embedded video to go behind navigation

Sometimes when you embed a video on the page with an iframe, it interferes with your navigation. It appears to be on a higher level to cover up your navigation and other elements. Here’s what you do to fix it. Continue reading

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I Recommend SEO / Google Tools Workbook

Jason McDonald SEO Workbook updated for 2013

My opinion? This is a must have reference for anyone who designs websites or who manages content for a website. A couple of years ago, I took Jason’s online class on SEO and it really opened my eyes. These updated guides keep me up-to-date in a fast changing technology. Continue reading

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The Best CMS Website Builder Apps


The internet is exploding with website building services. Who knew there were so many alternatives to WordPress and Drupal? Here’s my list of notable ones. Continue reading

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Online Designer Portfolios | How to best showcase web and graphic design

Online Designer Portfoliios

I’ve started many online portfolios only to change my strategy halfway through and start over. By compiling a checklist of best practices, I’m hopeful to finally finish by current portfolio redesign. Continue reading

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How to create a Facebook Tab Page with Fan-Gating

Redbull facebook page

If you have a Facebook Fan page, you can create additional pages within the Fan page called tab pages. Additionally, fan-gating techniques let your provide fan-only content and encourage visitors to “like” your page. The new way to create fan pages is with iframes. Continue reading

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How to Create User Centric Web Design for Better SEO

woman searching

Should you base your website’s structure and page content on what search engines want, or what website visitors want? The answer is that they are one in the same. Search engines want to give their users the best match to what the user is searching for, so creating User Centric Design makes sense for SEO (search engine optimization). Continue reading

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How has Google changed its search results page?


The goal is to be on Google’s first page of search results, which shows 10 slots for non-paid, organic results. Recent changes include special result categories, in turn reducing the available number of traditional results slots available on the home page. You now have to be in the top 3 organic search results in order to ensure first-page exposure. Continue reading

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Preparing photos for websites with free tool


If you’re a non-web designer who posts photos to blogs or CMS websites, this video will teach you the basics of preparing photos for the web so they load fast. You don’t need Photoshop – a free online tool called Phoenix image editor will do the job nicely. Continue reading

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Creating a Content Slider using jQuery, HTML and CSS

Content Slider

Having an image slider is an effective home page tool. But my clients lately have been stressing fast uploading time. With an image slider, the images are rather large. To reduce load time, I’ve altered the image slider into a content slider. It just took a few changes to Soh Tanaka’s code to use divs instead of imgs. Continue reading

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